Stingers Hockey
Teams Overview

This page is intended to provide team members with an overview of the information and resources available to help them participate in a fun and safe environment.

The Head Coach is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of team management are carried out through a team of volunteers. These volunteers will include other team officials (Assistant Coaches, Trainer, Manager) and others who perform a range of functions essential to team success (e.g. timekeepers, official scorers, treasurer, etc...) In most cases responsibilities are described in the BMHA Rules, Duties and Regulations - but it is still important for the coach and other volunteers to discuss and agree on how duties will be carried out and support provided to each volunteer and the team.

This section outlines the activities associated with the team's operations on Game Day.

This section outlines the management tasks required to run the team.

The BMHA is a volunteer based organization. All of our Coaches, Managers and other Team Officials - as well as members of the BMHA Board of Directors - are dedicated volunteers.

This section outlines the team roles and how you can volunteer.

The BMHA Fair Play and Safety Program is designed to ensure that our youth are given the opportunity to participate safely and with respect in our national sport. Thus we want to encourage, foster and enhance the aspects of safety and respect, both on and off the ice, by all participants involved.

The Respect in Sport Program is an online certification program designed to protect our youth as well as enhance Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO)'s mandate of providing a safe and fun environment for all participants.

Player evaluations are generally done at the the beginning of the season to place the players at the skill level that they are best suited for. Qualified evaluators monitor the players during skills drills as well as scrimmage game play.

Tournaments offer teams another opportunity for bonding, as well as competitive testing outside of the district-matched teams they'll typically see all season long in regular League play.

The day to day operations of a team require access to many different types of resources. This section provides links to many essential resources that your team needs for its day to day business.

Stingers Gear (t-shirts, jackets, hats, etc...) is available from several different vendors.