Welcome to the BMHA

The Blackburn Minor Hockey Association (BMHA) provides hockey programs for players aged from 4 to 20 years old, through our Initiation Program, House League or Competitive programs.

In 2021-22, we had about 350 youth registered with the BMHA. Our catchment area is comprised of three primary communities:

  • Blackburn Hamlet

  • Chapel Hill South

  • Bradley Estates

Geographically our boundaries stretch from Mer Bleu Road in the east to Green’s Creek in the west; and from St. Joseph Boulevard and Innes Road on the north to Anderson Road and Navan Road on the south (see boundaries).

Our objectives are:

  • To organize, supervise and finance (through registration fees, sponsorships, grants, etc...) and set out appropriate guidelines for minor hockey for youth.

  • To teach the basic fundamentals of hockey, to help players develop their personal skills, to instill in them an attitude of sportsmanship and above all, to give them opportunities to have fun as they learn and play the game through organized programs, activities and competition.

  • To provide the opportunity for players to participate in house league or competitive/representative hockey within the BMHA or with other leagues and/or associations as applicable.

The Association has been in place for many years and takes pride in the successful attainment of its objectives and the contribution made to the well-being of the community, and most importantly the development of the youth from within our community. As a volunteer based organization, we are dependent on hundreds of individuals who contribute each year as members of the Board of Directors, as coaches, as team officials, and as the support cast for each team.

The BMHA is responsible for all minor hockey within our boundaries and is governed by a Board of Directors.

We are part of District 9 - Gloucester Hockey Association, and member of the Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO).

Board of Directors

The BMHA Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers tasked with running the day to day operations of our association as well as planning for the future.

Gloucester Hockey Association

The Blackburn Minor Hockey Association is a proud member of the Gloucester Hockey Association (GHA). The GHA is a District of the Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO).

The GHA is made of of the following local associations: Blackburn, Leitrim, Orleans, Gloucester Centre, Russell and Metcalfe.

The GHA oversees both house league and competitive operations within its boundaries.

Please visit the Gloucester Hockey Association web site for more information, including schedules and standings.

Our Boundaries

Wondering whether or not you fall into the BMHA catchment area? Check out the boundaries map.

Contact Us

If you have operational questions feel free to reach out to Board of Directors.

For general questions or if you are not sure who to contact email info@blackburnstingers.ca.

For any questions about the website email webmaster@blackburnstingers.ca.