Game Day Tasks


It is every team's responsibility to provide either a Scorekeeper and Timekeeper for regular season, play-off and exhibition games. The Home team provides the timekeeper and the Away team provides the scorekeeper.

Instructions on how to run the time clock at any arena are typically located beside the clock.

The BMHA also offer a link to "Timekeeper Trainer" a specialty on-line training course which allows parents the opportunity to practice at home. You may also want to have the parents practice on the clock at a team practice or request a training session by "someone who knows" (division's convenor).

Establish a schedule at the beginning of the year, showing a rotation of the parents who are volunteering to be the team's scorekeeper or timekeeper.


It is every team's responsibility to arrive with Home (white) and/or Away (red) Jerseys to every game.

Some teams request that two families take responsibility for the management of game jerseys. The family with the required jerseys for a game hands the jerseys in to the change room prior to the game and collects them again after the game is complete. If needed they will also launder the set in preparation for the next game. See the following for more information on jersey care.


Managers are usually the last out of the dressing room to lock up while everyone is on the ice. You can pick up the key from arena staff if it's not already hanging in the door.

Note: Not all arena change rooms include locking doors (i.e. Ray Friel). You should always carry your own lock and key in case needed.


The Home Team manager is responsible for providing a game sheet for all home games (regular season, exhibition and playoff).

Blank game sheets are provided by the Association (contact your convenor).

There are 4 copies within the game sheet. Each one of these copies should have a complete list of the players' names and jersey numbers, as well as the list of Team Officials.

The goalie needs to be identified, usually with the letter G by his name.

Affiliated players need to be identified, usually with the letters A/P by their name(s).

In the case of a suspended player strike their name off the game sheet and clearly identify them on each of the four copies of the game sheet, under the "suspension list", including the designation "1 of 1" beside his name. This indicates that this is his first suspended game of a one game suspension. These numbers will change, depending on the number of suspended games.

Team labels can be made to make the completion of the game sheets much quicker. Here is a template for the team lists that can be used to print labels. The labels used for these are Avery # 05163. These can be affixed to each of the four copies of the game sheet.

At the top of the game sheet, you should indicate the game number (identified on the GHA game schedule), Location, League, etc.

After verifying that all information is correct, the manager and other team officials all sign the game sheet before handing it over to the visiting team's manager or coach to do the same for their section. Once completed by both teams, the scorekeeper will take the game sheet out to the ice surface for the referees.

After each game is completed, the Home Team manager is responsible to collect the game sheets from outside the referees change room and distribute them as follows:

  • Copy 1: The original, with the referees signatures, is to be uploaded onto the GHA web site within 24 hours of game completion.

  • Copy 2: Goes to the visiting team.

  • Copy 3: Is kept by the home team manager or coach for their records.

  • Copy 4: Only used by the referee to report a game incident. Otherwise, this copy is leftover as an extra sheet and can be kept or discarded.