Manager Responsibilities

By taking on the operational aspects of the team, the manager enables the coach to focus on player development and on-ice instruction to provide the players with rewarding hockey experiences.

Every team will organize themselves slightly differently to best function in their surroundings, however there are still many tasks that all Team Managers will need to complete regardless of what team they work with.

Often a parent of a player on the team, the manager serves as a communication line between the parent group and coaches as well as communicating between the parents themselves. They can help organize off-ice initiatives like food drives and team-building activities and team meetings or parties.

Manager's Seasonal Duties

The Team manager is responsible for many of the teams seasonal setup activities.

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Parent Meeting

A meeting with all parents, coaches AND YOUR DIVISION CONVENOR should be scheduled at the very beginning of the season. Topics to be discussed must include:

  • Coach and parent introductions: The coach can explain his plan for the season.

  • Team Rules & Expectations: The coach can establish a list of team rules and expectations.

  • Team Officials: The team needs a Manager, Trainer and Assistant Coaches.

  • Other Team Volunteers: Team Treasurer, Tournament Coordinator, Off-Ice Coordinator (team parties), Jerseys, etc.

  • Team Budget/Team Fees: The team budget must be discussed to determine what the team fees will be for each player.

This draft budget should contain the proposed number of tournaments to be entered and SPECIFICALLY how many of these will be local and how many will be out of town. Parents should know that this is just a draft and they are expected to provide their input on all aspects of the budget until they collectively agree (2/3 majority vote - one vote per player's family).

It is best to have a budget that contains two 'scenarios' so they can see how expenditures can vary when adjusting certain items in the budget -- ex. incorporate fund raising into one scenario and omit it from the second scenario.

NOTE on Team Budgets: Budget should include team apparel (socks, name bars), tournament fees, extra ice, referees, social activities, trophies/year end gifts, bank fees, etc.

NOTE on Fundraising: With the budget comes the subject of Fundraising. It's important to agree now on Fundraising expectations, commitments and how fundraising and sponsorships will be allocated (to those who do not participate, to those who have already surpassed their commitments, etc.).

Co-Ed Dressing Room Policy

ALL Co-Ed teams, aged U13 and higher, are required to establish a team Dressing Room Policy. Please see the HEO Co-Ed Dressing Room Policy.

Team Schedules

The regular season schedule is available at the GHA web site (it is the official version). However for ease of access and ensuring that everyone has the correct version of the schedule for regular games, tournament games, exhibition games, practices and even team events, the BMHA makes available TeamSnap for each team to communicate with players and parents. TeamSnap should be kept current and maintained by either the Manager and/or Head Coach.

Purchasing Extra Ice

For Teams looking for more ice time, there are various sources to find what's available:

  • The GHA website has an Ice for Sale section where organizations can post hours of ice that are available

  • City of Ottawa

  • Carleton University

  • Ottawa University

Note that our Director Ice Scheduling should be contacted prior to purchasing ice and we may be able to purchase at preferable rates. Also note that any exchange of ice with other teams may only be done amongst GHA teams (e.g. not with a team from Nepean).

Game Rescheduling and Switches

For making any switches to any league games, or for formally rescheduling a game due to other conflicts such as a tournament, refer to:

More details can be found in the GHA Rules & Regulations (R&R 26 - Procedures for Scheduling Changes). These are found in the Information -> Documents section on the GHA Website.

Referees for Exhibition Games

For all League games, the referees and linesmen are scheduled and paid for through the league.

For exhibition games the refs are to be paid in cash, out of the team budget, prior to the start of the game.

Games may not be played under any circumstances without proper referees, as assigned by the D9RA Referee Association.

The pay rates and the Exhibition Request Form can be obtained from the D9RA Referee Association. If you need to schedule and/or cancel refs and linesmen for any exhibition games please do this through the D9RA Website.

Team Pictures

The Association will arrange a Team Photos day at the start of each season. Watch the BMHA website for details.

Ordering Name Bars and Team Apparel

Name Bars:

First ask parents if they have the name bars for their child from the previous year. This will reduce the number of name bars to be ordered. These can be ordered at Houle Sports in Orleans. If these are to be ordered then they should be ordered for the home and away jerseys. BMHA teams should be using 3 inch name bars and 4 inch sponsor bars (if applicable).

Team Socks:

These can be ordered through the BMHA Equipment Manager.

Blackburn Stingers Clothes:

Some players/parents are very interested in ordering Blackburn Stingers clothes (sweatshirts, hats, jackets etc...). See Stingers Gear for more information.

Team Administration

Team Managers are expected to help the Association's Risk & Safety Program by ensuring that the following administrative elements are completed for their Team each season.

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Vulnerable Sector Records Check

As part of the BMHA ongoing commitment to the safety of our players, all team volunteers (Head Coach, Manager, Trainer, all Assistant Coaches, and anyone else that will have contact with the Players) are required to complete a Police Records Check for Service with the Vulnerable Sector. See Risk & Safety Overview for details.

Team Managers are asked to remind team officials of the requirement and to ensure that each submit the documentation as required. However, Team Managers should not be involved in the submission of proof of completion of the check as that transaction should be limited to the respective team official and the BMHA Director Risk and Safety.

Player Medical Forms

Your Coach will receive the Player Medical Forms, that were completed by parents from your Convenor. There should be a form for every player with a medical condition and they must be completed prior to the player participating on the ice (practice or game). If you are missing any forms please contact the Division Convenor. These forms should be provided to and kept by the Trainer in case of emergency during every game or practice.

Official Team Roster

The BMHA Registrar provides the Official Roster of all players and team officials once it has been approved. You will be asked by the Division Convenor for Team Official information to complete this Roster.

Copies of this roster should be made and taken to each game played (league, tournament or exhibition). A copy of this list may also be requested during registration for tournaments.

Verify Certifications

All Team Officials - Manager's included - must have "Speak-Out" certification. The Coaches and the Trainer must each have the specialized certifications required for their position.

Team Managers are expected to assist their Convenor to verify, at the start of each season, that team official certifications are current and appropriate.