Fair Play and Safety Program

The mandate/philosophy of the BMHA Fair Play and Safety Program is to encourage, foster and enhance the aspects of safety and respect, both on and off the ice, by all participants involved. Fair Play encourages all players to be as competitive as possible, but only within the rules of the game. Fair Play does NOT take away from winning; it teaches the “sport” of hockey and provides life long lessons in respect, teamwork and friendship.

The program has been updated beginning in 2015-16 to incorporate a greater emphasis on "safety". A statement has been added to the pledge that each parent, player, coach and official must sign prior to the beginning of the season that speaks to respecting head injuries and return to play protocols.

The BMHA Fair Play And Safety Program:

  • Outlines the rights and responsibilities of all participants (Player, Coach, Official, and Parent);

  • Makes all individuals aware that playing hockey is a privilege, not a right;

  • Demonstrates that our Association promotes the concepts of safety and respect;

  • Ensures that all participants are aware of the Association’s philosophies and objectives;

  • Promotes, develops and defines a positive set of values and expectations, that are meant to help further enhance the thrill of sports;

  • Develops a comprehensive guide that the association executive can use to run programs, in addition to existing rules, regulations and objectives.

5 Principles Of Fair Play And Safety:

  1. Respect the Rules

  2. Respect the Opponents

  3. Respect the Officials

  4. Maintain Self-Control

  5. Have Everyone Participate