More and more, teams are having one parent who volunteers to take care of administering all of the logistics associated with Tournaments for their team. Tournaments offer teams another opportunity for bonding, as well as competitive testing outside of the district-matched teams they'll typically see all season long in regular League play.

Regardless if it is the Team Manager or the Tournament Volunteer who is administering the tournaments, someone will need to register early. You can find a list of local tournaments for your division on the HEO Minor Website.

Out-of-town tournaments can be searched on the internet and/or discussed with coaches, players & parents of older aged teams who may have some great stories to share and tips to offer. Be sure to ask your division convenor for people to ask.

It is recommended to register as early as possible, as some tournaments fill up quickly. There are no hard caps on how many tournaments a team may enter in a season, but it is something that should be clearly discussed and agreed on at the parent meeting at the beginning of the season.

Things to consider when choosing a tournament:

  • Cost

  • Minimum & maximum number of games

  • Distance

  • Level of competition (e.g. some associations do not have A teams and so their B teams are very strong)

  • Time of year (e.g. Christmas or March Break might be good or bad for many)

  • Hotels & other area attractions (accommodations for whole team, restaurants, etc.)

Note: Do not assume that you are in a tournament until you have confirmation back from them.

Responsibilities with Applying to a Tournament:

  • Complete and submit the tournament application form with all required information & signatures. Many tournaments will only accept applications with full payment.

  • Notify your Convenor as you enter each tournament.

  • Update the calendar on TeamSnap to include the tournament (even if not confirmed) to provide parents plenty of notice.

  • As you submit your tournament application (don't wait until you are confirmed entry) you should begin arranging any necessary game switches that your team will need in the regular season game schedule, should you be accepted.


Responsibilities when Accepted into a Tournament:

  • Provide directions to the arenas/hotels for the parents.

  • Circulate the tournament rules to the coaches and the parents in advance.

  • Tournaments outside of the HEO Minor region (outside of Eastern Ontario) will require you to provide a travel permit, which has been approved by the Association. You can download this form from the Team Resources page.

  • Register the team, at the registration desk for the tournament, when you arrive for your first game.

  • Bring a copy of your official team list (roster).

  • Bring copies of previous game sheets (5-10). You might be requested to show these to a tournament official.

  • Always remember to bring the player's Health Forms.

Out of Town Tournament Searches: