Preparing For The Season

Questions about equipment for your player? Check out our equipment guide. Goalie parents? We can help there too.

Every team needs a group of dedicated parents to help run the Team. Different team roles require different levels of commitment, so you can tailor you involvement to suit your availability. Check out all the different team roles you can volunteer for.

The BMHA sets aside part of its budget to help subsidize the cost of registration fees for those in financial need. A subsidy is available for House League applications only. Find out how the BMHA can help pay for hockey.

Before Your Player Hits The Ice

Before any BMHA player is allow to begin participating in association on ice activities a number of mandatory forms and waivers must be completed. These are the same documents that were acknowledged during your registration process. See below for more details and links to the forms.

  • Medical Liability/Release Form - The completion of the Medical Liability/Release Form is required prior to the respective player being allowed on the ice for player evaluations at the beginning of the season.

  • Fair Play Pledge Form - The BMHA has created the Fair Play and Safety Program. As part of the program, parents and players must review and sign the pledge form prior to the beginning of start of regular season games.

  • Respect for Hockey Parents Program - At least one parent per player registering for the first time in hockey at any level MUST have completed and be able to show evidence of such completion, the mandatory Respect for Hockey Parents Program prior to the respective player being able to play any regular season games. The cost of this program is $12 and is separate from the BMHA registration costs.

  • Rowan’s Law Acknowledgment Form - As of July 1, 2019, Rowan’s Law concussion awareness rules came into effect as mandated by the Government of Ontario. The HEO/BMHA is required to have all registered players (and parents if player is under 18 years old) review the concussion awareness resource for their child’s age category and complete the HEO Rowan’s Law Acknowledgment Form. The form must be submitted to their respective convenor either before or at the first sort out session.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a manager how much time can I expect to spend working on team activities?

Next to the coach, the team manager is the most involved parent position, you can expect to spend somewhere around 3-5 hours per week managing team affairs.

How does my child get placed on a team?

Players are typically evaluated at the beginning of the season to determine what level of play best fits their skill level. Players at any given age level are organized into A, B and C level. For more information on how players are evaluated please see our Player Evaluation page.