2023 Annual General Meeting

Attendance is open to all members of the BMHA and all members have the right to vote.

Date: April 25, 2023
Time:  6:45 PM -  8:45 PM
Location: Lois Kemp (Blackburn) Arena Meeting Room

The purpose of the AGM is to review the activities of the past season, consider/vote on any proposed amendments to the BMHA Constitution, By-Laws or Rules, Duties & Regulations; as well as conduct elections; render financial reports; and consider policies aimed at improving BMHA operations for next Season. Please see the BMHA AGM Annual Reports for a review of the season's activities.

Important dates:

Proposed amendments are found here: 2022-23 Board Documents  

The BMHA Board of Directors (except the Past President) shall be nominated and elected at the Annual Meeting. Nominations must be submitted to our Secretary 15 days prior to the Annual Meeting, no later than April 10, 2023.

At the Annual Meeting nominations will be accepted from the floor only for posts that have no nominees put forward by the Secretary.

We NEED volunteers for the following Board positions. A detailed description of the tasks associated with each position can be found here: BMHA Rules, Duties & Regulations


We gratefully acknowledge and appreciate the following volunteers who have stepped up to fill positions on the 2023-24 BMHA Board:

Please note that even if someone has already volunteered for a position, another member can submit their name to volunteer for the same board position. If two or more members volunteer for the same position, it will be decided by majority vote at the AGM.